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Our take on the traditional Twin Keel Fish from the early 70's.

Suitable for intermediate and experienced surfers eager to experiment and expand their quiver to cater for a wider array of conditions. This shape has a heap of volume down the guts which tapers off to the rail. This means you can paddle into gutless surf and turn on a dime. The key difference you will immediately notice is how bloody fast this thing goes. This is due to the low rocker, Making it the perfect board for days when the waves are too fat or mushy for your performance short board. 

Available in 5'0" - 6'0" in stock dims, As a rough guide this board should be ridden 4"- 8" shorter than you are tall, And 40%-45% your weight (KG), in volume (L). If our stock dims don't work for you we will happily make you a custom board. For help please send us an email.

Each board is meticulously crafted, Lead times can vary throughout the year from 3 weeks in the winter to 3 months in the summer. Please contact us for current lead time or to discuss alternative payment options.