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The Sapling is our take on the kids soft top and suitable for kids up to 50Kg. 

It features a cork deck and rail which provides great grip without wax and is quite soft so doesn't hurt when they get hit with the board. It's also less likely to ding if they throw it around. 

This board has a single to double concave and is setup as a thruster. 

Dimensions are 4'10" - 17 3/8" - 2 3/8" - 23L 

Each board is meticulously crafted to order by machine and hand, Lead times can vary throughout the year from 3 weeks in the winter to 3 months in the summer. Please contact us for current lead time. 

Price is $910. If we are out of stock you can place an order and pay a 50% deposit. When the board is ready we will invoice the balance plus freight.