About Us

Organic Dynamic was built from a love of surf, art, handcraft and a belief that the products we use to enjoy the natural environment should be made from materials that don’t contribute to it’s decline. We make custom surfboards from a small factory in Wellington, NZ and sell a range of eco friendly surf accessories. 

Covid Update

Covid Update

At level 3 our retail store and gallery will remain closed but Jack will be making custom boards, shipping online orders and offering contactless pickup. For more info about the products we make and sell please email jack@organicdynamic.com


  • Recycled Polystyrene

    Our boards are made from waste polystyrene that we source from buildings that have been demolished due to earthquake damage. All waste is recycled by Richard at polypalace.

  • NZ Grown Paulownia

    We source our Paulownia from Graham in the Waikato. He grows the timber using Agro-Forestry practices. His cows Fertilize the trees while the trees prevent the cows from polluting the local rivers.

  • Entropy Bio-Resin

    We use Entropy Bio-resin to coat our boards. It's made using green chemistry techniques and has less than half the environmental impact of other epoxies.

Gold Level Ecoboard

Gold Level Ecoboard

We are the only Gold Level Ecoboard manufacturer in New Zealand. And proudly burn this stamp into each board we produce.

Sustainable Surf

How we work

  • Free Consultation

    We offer a free consultation to help you decide the right board for your height, weight, ability and the types of waves you ride.

  • Made to Order

    We meticulously craft each board to meet the surfers requirements. We use a combination of machinery and handcraft to acheive accurate results with fluid curves.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all custom orders, If you are not happy bring it back. We will put it on the rack and make you something else.