Keep it Local

Keep it Local

Organic Dynamic exist to offer NZ surfers environmentally friendly board options. We take 100% locally recycled EPS foam and combine it with locally grown timber to produce boards and blanks for the local surfers and shapers.



  • 100% Recycled Polystyrene

    We source our polystyrene from Richard at Poly Palace. He drives around Wellington collecting used packaging which he remoulds into high density blocks which we cut on a CNC machine. We take all our offcuts back to him so there is no waste in the process.

  • NZ Grown Paulownia

    We source our Paulownia from Graham in the Waikato. He grows the timber using Agro-Forestry practices. His cows Fertilize the trees while the trees prevent the cows from polluting the local rivers.

  • Entropy Bio-Resin

    We use Entropy Bio-resin to glass our boards. It's made using green chemistry techniques and has less than half the environmental impact of other epoxies.

Shape your own Surfboard

Shape your own Surfboard

Join us for our next shaping workshop in Wellington. Learn about the construction of our boards and shape your own.

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Gold Level Ecoboard

Gold Level Ecoboard

We are the only Gold Level Ecoboard manufacturer in the southern hemisphere. And proudly burn this stamp into each board we produce.

Sustainable Surf


How much do they weigh?

About 100g/L, So pretty similar to a well glassed foam board.

What are the benefits of timber in surfboard construction

Timber is used in most surfboards as a stringer to provide strength and flex. However this small strip of wood dampens over time. Our boards have a higher timber to foam ratio which makes them slightly stiffer but adds a lot of strength. They won't pressure ding and are unlikely to snap.

What happens if I hit some rocks and damage the board?

Get out of the water, Dry the board and either send it to us to repair or we can send you some materials and you can repair it yourself.

Can you do custom shapes?

We can, But if you want something custom we recommend talking to your local shaper and asking if they are happy to work with one of our blanks. It takes us a while to nail a shape, And theres a lot of talented shapers in NZ with more experience, Knowledge and shapes than us.

1% for the planet

1% for the planet

We donate 1% of all sales to Sustainable Coastlines through a local charity called One Percent Collective. In the Summer they run regular beach cleanups and during winter they plant trees alongside river banks to protect the waterways from livestock run off. To learn more or to donate 1% of your earnings to something you believe in click here.